Streetlight Manifesto "Everything Goes Numb" RED VINYL Double LP (Independent Release)

Here it is: a limited edition of Streetlight Manifesto's Everything Goes Numb available on red translucent vinyl! This is a double LP. Digital download code included. ***LIMIT 5 PER CUSTOMER***

Side A

1.   Everything Went Numb
2.   That'll Be The Day
3.   Point / Counterpoint


Side B

4.   If And When We Rise Again
5.   A Better Place, A Better Time
6.   We Are The Few


Side C

7.   Failing, Flailing
8.   Here's To Life
9.   A Moment Of Silence


Side D

10. A Moment Of Violence
11. The Saddest Song
12. The Big Sleep


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Type: Music

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